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Lil' Bit More Kennelz Adoptions

I have Adopted From these Kennelz/Catteryz

Vickie's Petz
Faded Petz
iamaprincess's catz4 & dogz4
Moonlight Star Kennelz & Cattery
River Pebble Cattery & Kennelz
Whistling Gypsy
Sara Miller @ TheWAKyOne
Stati Kitty
The Petz Archive (a totally rockin' site!)
Diversity (oh, lovin' the Alley eyed kitties!)

Other Kennelz

Tamed Petz
LKC Dogz
Faded Chaos Kennel and Cattery
Immortality Kennelz
Aussie Patchez
The Petz Warehouse
Elysium Kennel
MB Farms
Obsession Kennelz
Baras Kennel N Cattery
Twilight Dogz
Elf Person
Lindsey Adoptions
Foxy Kennels
Dogz Online
Spotted Tiger
LKC Dogz
Petz Place

Other Catteriez

Showz & Other Dogz/Catz Related Website Linkz

Diane's Kennelz
PFK Pose Show (For both non-PKC and PKC dogz)

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